Here are some comments from students in previous Koru classes taught by your trainer:

It was nice knowing that I wasn’t alone in my struggles.

I am grateful that I was able to find a group that is so open. The most meaningful aspects were the mindfulness practices and meditations, as well as the people.

When my anxiety acts up, I now have more tricks to calm down.

The most meaningful part of class was the opportunity to share all the crazy things that my mind goes through, and hearing everyone else’s perspective and discovering I am not the only one.

I believe that I am more “prepared.” I am not always with my “head in the clouds.” I realize times to be present.

I really liked all the different relaxation techniques taught in this class.

I am more conscious of how my reactions affect a situation.

Sharing with the class in group time helped me make sense of the results I had during meditation.

(As a result of this class, I will) make more time to be present in uncomfortable emotions. More meditation to try to be more mindful with things I can’t change.

It’s crazy how many people I know could benefit from this!