Mindfulness skills are accessible to all of us – not just those who can afford the time for extensive training programs and retreats. Koru Mindfulness offers an affordable and high-impact (and fun!) introduction to meditation and mindful living.

There are no prerequisites for learning Koru Mindfulness except being human (no one’s developed mindfulness classes for another species yet, but who knows what the future holds!).

Are you feeling any of the following? Restless, unsatisfied, stressed out, inadequate, curious, anxious, over-worked, underemployed, frustrated, bored, confused, deluded, overwhelmed, under-nourished, aversive, overly self-critical, distracted, or uptight? If so, then congratulations – you are definitely human!

To participate in Koru, you need to make just six simple commitments:

  1. Mandatory attendance at all 4 classes
  2. Required readings from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are
  3. 10 minutes of mindfulness practice each day
  4. Weekly mindfulness activity
  5. A log that must be completed and returned each week
  6. Completion of a course evaluation at the end

If you can make these commitments, then Koru is right for you!